Joel & Emily

I can't even think of a way to describe Joel & Emily's wedding, but it will definitely go down as one of my most favorite days of being a photographer. I LOVE people who LOVE photos, first of all. When they told me they were scheduling 2 hours for creative portraits, I swooned. And the result ended up being some of my best wedding portrait work yet. It's hard to be humble about these photos...there's just no modest way of saying they are AWESOME. Sorry. (Not sorry)

Despite my brother-in-law being one of the groomsmen, Joel and I have one other major thing in common; our very first photography teacher, Ms. Murdock. If you had told me in high school I'd be photographing Joel Birkey's wedding thirteen years later, well, I guess it wouldn't be the craziest thing I could imagine, but I probably would've looked at you funny.

But most of the credit for how great this wedding day and the photography turned out has to go to the bride & groom. They are so down to earth, so in love, and so natural in front of the camera. Of course they are photogenic to begin with, but being with them all day long you could feel how comfortable they are together and that goes a long way to making beautiful, intimate photos.

Your scrolling finger might get a bit of a workout on this are some highlights to look out for: Joel's amazing tattoos • Emily looking like Marilyn Monroe while putting on lipstick • J&E mooing for the camera • Assistant photographer Anders as camera/beer sherpa • The big mossy 'B' (stands for Birkey but I wanted to steal it) • GOLDEN HOUR LIGHT holy crap seriously • Birkey Boys "Fight for your Right" dance floor throwdown • And finally the most amazing spontaneous sparkler send-off I've ever seen or heard of ON the dance floor DURING the last song. SO GREAT.

Thanks for looking!

David & Erin

Everyone should get married with a spectacular backdrop. I'm lucky enough to have seen some really beautiful wedding venues of all different styles, but the easiest and most breathtaking decor is going to be found in nature. Especially in Oregon!

If you've spent a lot of time in the Pacific Northwest, you know that those PERFECT coast days are really special. There are a limited number of them throughout the year and Erin & David hit the jackpot. They were married last August in Yachats, Oregon at the Overleaf Lodge & Spa. It was the perfect setting for their intimate wedding.

Brian & Michelle

Holy crap this was the coolest wedding. I was surprised, intrigued and a bit nervous when Michelle asked if I could wear white as her wedding photographer, but once she described the white garden picnic ceremony she had envisioned I was hooked (the bride herself wore pale yellow). Michelle and Brian's wedding ended up being one of the most memorable ones I've photographed, from their creative, unique vision to the best food I have ever eaten at ANY large gathering.

The all-white ceremony was at the Shakespeare Garden in Washington Park, where guests arrived via pink trolleys and were welcomed with picnic baskets full of cheese, champagne, and of course MEAT...Michelle is a co-owner of Olympia Provisions (formerly known as Olympic Provisions up until this week!) so naturally the food choices were incredible.

The OP restaurant in Northwest Portland also hosted the family-style reception dinner which you should be jealous you did not eat. It's always hard to multitask eating while shooting, but I was lucky enough to try a bite of most of the dishes. Let's just say that between romping through gardens and scarfing delicious meats, my white-on-white outfit was less than pristine when the night was through.

Huge thanks to Brian & Michelle and all their friends and family for creating such an extraordinary wedding!

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