This dog bone ornament really sums up the holidays for me. These years I am moved severly by nostalgia, and family gatherings of course bring lots of fun memories.

Apparently I must have made this ornament for my dad before I was able to form long-term memories, because I can't remember a christmas tree that didn't feature this little guy. He's gone through several near-death experiences, having been stolen by various pets over the years, but has always managed to stay in one piece.

I was so excited to see this ornament on my dad's kitchen counter christmas tree when we had our family holiday visit last weekend. Needless to say, a kitchen counter christmas tree can only hold a certain amount of ornaments, so I'm glad my dog bone puppy made the cut!

Here's the rest of the group at the Mullin Family gathering, after a feast of mimosas, caesars, and nostalgiacakes (pancakes):

There were several other family gatherings to partake in this holiday, including Aaron's extended family in Keizer and Luke's extended-extended family in Salem. This next group photo comes from the Hallas celebration:

Don't ask how the animals all knew to look at the camera on self-timer! The Hallas celebration included delicious, succulent lobster, wine, and wedding plans! Congratulations to my sister Sara and soon-to-be-brother-in-law Luke! yay!

Of course I also have to show our smoked salmon appetizer crackers. Pretty!

Now I just have to get used to saying "twenty-ten"....

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