bah! i have almost let june go by without posting anything! let's remedy are some photos from my mom's birthday earlier in the month. my sister sara and i had a long day of surprise events planned for the day, starting with brunch at Mother's Bistro downtown. from there we went to get our makeup done at the MAC cosmetics counter at Nordstrom and then came back to my apartment to make mojitos!

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the light on my porch is so beautiful in the morning and overcast afternoons. it faces west, so we get the sun right before it goes down over the hills on clear days. mom's birthday was perfectly overcast - the type of thin, wispy clouds that create an amazing softbox out of the sky without the dreary "bleh" feeling of rainy days.

the mojitos were a crucial part of the day, as our next stop was karaoke! mom loves to sing and does it (along with dancing) spontaneously ALL THE TIME. not to mention my mom was a music & choir teacher when i was little. however we aren't exactly the most audacious family, so we took her to Voicebox, where you can rent private rooms for all your ridiculous karaoke needs. and a ridiculous time is exactly what we had....

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after karaoke we met up with a few of my mom's friends for a quick drink at McMenamin's Edgefield, before heading back home where the boys were waiting with a lobster & steak dinner! it was a much exciting day, and we capped off the excitement with a trip to the beach the next day. more seafood, more fun, more sunshine.

i only brought the "snapshot" camera down to the beach so i don't have much to show, but it was fun for a bit fiddling with the manual settings that rarely get used otherwise! :)

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