bend, oregon

I don't really know why I'm making a blog post out of this, to be honest. I think I've been scrutinizing my "real" photography so much lately that it's kind of refreshing to just experiment and goof around with my phone. 

So here are some just plain old ridiculous pictures.

I think it's worth clicking on those to see them high-resolution. It's kind of trippy. I was taking a panorama photo on the iphone by just holding it still, pointed out the window, while we drove home from Bend and the scenery raced by outside. iphone trickery! :D

Other silly instagrammy-ish pics from enjoying sunny Bend parks & rivers:

I also downloaded a new app called Lightt. I am still getting the hang of it, and know no one else who has it, so it's not very interesting to share things on the app yet. I'm excited to get better at it though, I think it's super fun. My only criticism so far is that it goes too fast from one to the next - I like to watch one over and over a few times before moving on to another.

So here's my experimentation with Lightt!

the end!

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