i have had a feeling of inexplicable excitement lately. i am going to chalk it up to the prospect of summer....warm weather, sandals, concerts, swimming pools. this month actually feels less like rainy spring and more like almost summer to me. and i don't really even have a ton of things planned for the summer yet! i've desperately been wanting to explore the city some more (photographically) and i've been trying to think of some unique ideas to get out and wander. a few nights ago i investigated the construction site that has been rattling my apartment for the last few months. they literally have ripped up the entire street below our window and it looks really peaceful and pretty at night with the shops and street lights glittering all around the ruins.

i put a clear filter on my lens and let some of the rain drip onto it to create some hazy, dreamy effects. there is something so surreal about being alone on a city street at night, as if i expect it to be bustling just because it's right in the city.

in high school and college one of the things i did consistently was to wander around at night and explore places and things to photograph. it puts me in a peaceful state to be alone with my camera, and i usually would find some pretty deserted areas. i'm sure i will have plenty more "isolated scenes" to post here once i get out around Portland some more.

i recently arranged with a couple different people around the country to begin a photography/art pen pal correspondence, so i'm going to use this as my excuse to get started examining and photographing the city! i'll be sharing what i get in return from them as well as my own escapades; should be fun.  :)

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