a few weeks ago i photographed daron to get some new shots of her latest tattoo, a hebrew prayer on her side. i was actually inspired by this pashmina that i wanted to drape around as a figure study. shortly after beginning the shoot i became somewhat preoccupied with seeing only in cool browns and blues and we found some pretty architecture that really worked.

for this series i also tried stepping a little bit out of my comfort zone with post-processing, without become too gimmicky but trying to create what i saw in my head while i was obsessing over the color theme.

i love studying the figure. our bodies can do so many things and look differently every time we move another way. especially those models who can adopt a new ethnicity with every photo shoot [coughdaroncough]. i can't wait to come up with our next concept! (yes daron, i plan on photographing you continually forever and ever). <3

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