this morning i got myself up at 8:00 am (which apparently happens to be 15:00 UTC, or 8:30 p.m. in Mumbai), to participate in "A Moment in Time", a synchronized photography project by the New York Times. participants from anywhere and everywhere on the globe were to submit a photograph taken at exactly this hour to record, well, a moment in time. me reading about this at 1:30 last night did not help my comprehension of the project, which i understood to be photographing yourself at the specified time, for reasons beyond my now fully-alert brain. i actually think it would be an even more interested set of photographs had they all been self-portraits....but that's just me.

when i was somewhere in teenagerdom, i rediscovered a pair of books that my dad owned called "A Day in the Life...." They are part of a series of photography books which sends dozens to hundreds of top photojournalists out to a specific location to document that day in history (the two we had were America and Canada, published in 1986 and 1984 respectively). poring over these books the first time i was able to fully appreciate them was one of my earliest memories of becoming infatuated with photography, and i love the concept of gathering so much diversity in photographs linked by the theme of time. i just emailed my dad to make sure i would be inheriting those books. :)

so i'm happy to have had the opportunity to make a (tiny) contribution to a project like this by the NYT. while not necessarily the most photo-journalistic in nature, it was the best i could come up with rolling out of bed at 7:57 am. aaaand remember i didn't fully grasp the fact that it didn't have to be a self-port. haha. the last of these is the one i submitted.

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