My camera is sad. Lately it's been having trouble focusing properly and I might have to send it in to the manufacturer to see what's wrong. This makes me sad for several reasons: I don't want to use it and have terrible results on a shoot that's important (which is all of them); I don't want to waste money by fixing it if it turns out to be expensive; I can't justify buying a new camera unless I can sell some old equipment and upgrade. At work I've been having to use the studio's Nikons, which was difficult to get used to at first, but now I'm actually having fun playing with the different lenses and getting the hang of changing settings on the fly like I can do automatically with my Canon. The other day at work I did a test to see if the issue really was with my camera and not my lens. I tested the lens I use most often with a coworker's brand new Canon, and one of her lenses on my camera.

camera test

The ones from her camera were as sharp as they should be, while my camera with her lens still had the same problem I've been having lately. The photo below shows where the the camera has the biggest problem focusing at 70mm. It doesn't look terrible from first glance, but a cropped version shows the lack of focus in any part of the photo.

camera test

Not sure what I'm going to do yet, but I'm hoping I can work this out soon!

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