...it's the first time she felt blue

i don't have enough time to post all my film shots from the Jetty trip right now, but i just got film developed and wanted to share at least something, so here's one i took in Twin Falls, Idaho.

we only took the detour to Twin Falls in the first place because i wanted to see the big gorge thing, and the last time we were on a road trip through that area we missed the turnoff to the lookout point. i swear it is the least clearly marked lookout point in the entire united states. argh.

i'm no landscape photographer, and wasn't really interested in photographing the gorge for what it was (which was pretty impressive in person, i must say). so i used a prism filter to dissect the frame and see it differently. it was super cold and windy, so we sprinted from the car to the viewpoint, took two photos, and sprinted back. the sun was just dipping behind the horizon as we got there.

on a rangefinder, it's pretty much impossible to see exactly what you are going to end up with when using a filter like this, which just adds to the mystery and excitement of film photography for me. i haven't touched up this photograph, it's just a straight scan. i'll have more to show soon! :)

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